Why are GAV SFX Packs special?

Our sounds have been specifically optimized for use within the gaming industry. When we selected the content of our packs, we paid great attention to covering the most obvious need for the topic of the pack.EG: A Creature pack contains sound effects for the most common animations of a given creature (Attack, idle, death, growl, roar,…)

Can I view the full contents of the packs before purchasing?

Each of our packs comes with a demo video that you can watch on the subpage of that particular pack. The video contains all the sound effects in the pack.

What software do I need to use the sounds?

Our sounds come in WAV format, so they are compatible with all game development engines (Unity, Unreal engine, Cry engine,etc) or can be imported directly into video editing and sequencing programs.

What is the format of the sounds?

Sounds can be downloaded in WAV format in 24 bit 48Khz resolution.

For what purposes I can use the sounds?

Our sounds are classified as “Royality free license”. The license covers both commercial and non-commercial use. This allows you to import the purchased content in other multimedia products (Games, Video, Performance, etc) without having to pay additional license fees or mark the source.
Additionally, you can modify Sound Effects for your, or your customer’s, end-user product.

What can’t I use sounds for?

-You cannot own the sound effects.
-You cannot name the Sound effects as your own work.
-You cannot rent out Sound Effects.
-Sound effects may not be distributed or shared privately or publicly.
-You may not use the sound effects, in whole or in part, to create new sounds for sale or free distribution.
-Sound Effects may not be used in software or services that create content (videos, music, sounds, etc.) without first entering into a separate agreement with GAV for such purposes.
-You may not add sound effects to the Game Assets without first entering into a separate agreement with GAV for this purpose.
-The customer license is non-transferable.

Can I use the purchased products in commercial games?


The License doesn’t cover my needs. Can I get a custom License?

Contact us for details and maybe we can make an agreement.

Can I insert the content into another device I want to sell?

The license does not cover this, but please contact us, describe what you think, and maybe we can make an agreement.

Do I have to indicate the source of the sound samples in my product?

You don’t have to mark the source, but if you do, you’re pretty cool 🙂

Refund policy

Game Audio Vision will only accept a refund if one has received incorrect content (damaged files, partial files, improperly encoded files). Defective content can be exchanged for the same product for 90 days. GAV will not be liable if the content does not meet your specific objectives. Contact us for details.

What are the payment methods?

You can pay with:
Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express,Maestro)

How can I download sounds?

After your purchase, we will send you a notification email containing the download link and all information needed.

Is there a newsletter?

Sign up for our newsletter, download our free SFX pack and stay up to date with our latest news! We promise to send you only one promotional letter a month!